Interior Design of The Month

Interior Design Of the Month

We have decided that once a month we will pick a room design that will be featured on our website and we will include suggestions of the majority of products or similar products that we sell that can be used to create this interior.

We will suggest the furniture, wallcoverings and flooring for the room and sometimes decoration as well such as mirrors, lamps etc that can all be bought from our store. If the items are available to purchase on our website we will include the link for you to buy it online.

You are also allowed to suggest a room design to us, and if you would like to do so send us an email and we will review it against other potential options when we are choosing the next room design!

And with the image we will list these products or similar products available to purchase so you can create the beautiful interior featured! Such as:

  • The Sofa
  • Coffee Table
  • Wallpaper
  • Flooring
  • Dining Set
  • Chairs

If you do use the interior that is featured and buy the products we have suggested, whether online or In store, you will then be able to use a 15% off discount code on our website or download it to buy the items in store.

Please Note: The 15% discount is ONLY for items featured in the Monthly Interior design. Interior Design of The Month will not begin until 2018. We will keep you all posted about the start date. 

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